Sinking of the Moskva: Ukrainian missile or accidental firing – what really happened to the Russian warship?

CNN — The Russian guided missile cruiser Moskva rests deep under the Black Sea this morning. Whether he is there as a victim of Ukrainian missiles, Russian incompetence, bad luck or some combination of the three is unclear. What is certain, however, is that the biggest warship loss in 40 years will raise troubling questions … Read more

Air Force delays hypersonic missile program after flight test ‘abnormalities’

CNN — The Air Force has delayed its hypersonic missile program for up to a year after “recent flight test anomalies” pushed back the weapon’s completion schedule, according to an Army statement. the air. The AGM-183 Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) was supposed to reach early operational capability, a milestone in weapons testing and development, … Read more

Two weeks of war exposed flaws in Putin’s master plan for Ukraine

CNN — Two weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s “precision strikes” have become much less precise and its ground forces are struggling to seize territory. On the eve of the offensive, some US officials predicted that Kyiv would fall within 48–72 hours of the start of hostilities. Yet Ukraine’s … Read more

Across Ukraine’s Black Sea coast, Russia’s strategy is hard to see

Mykolaiv, Ukraine CNN — Beaten by intense shelling, peppered with gunfire and then… everything calms down. Along Ukraine’s strategic Black Sea coast, Russian forces are playing a strange game, testing defenses, spilling blood and raising tensions, but failing to make any significant gains. The small town of Mykolaiv, located on an inlet that would be … Read more