Wounded, alone and destined for a Russian orphanage, a 12-year-old Ukrainian girl is recruited for Moscow’s information war

CNN — Before the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Kira Obedinsky was a cheerful and beloved 12-year-old girl. Now orphaned, injured and alone in a Russian-controlled hospital in eastern Ukraine, she has become an unwitting pawn in Moscow’s information war. Obedinsky’s mother died when she was a baby. His father Yevhen Obedinsky, a former … Read more

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visits China and India under shadow of war in Ukraine

hong kong CNN — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is meeting his counterparts in China and India this week – two countries under pressure to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine as the death toll in the unprovoked conflict rises. Lavrov first met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday ahead of a scheduled flight to … Read more

Russia says it is building a new ‘democratic world order’ with China

beijing – Beijing and Moscow outlined a vision of a new world order on Wednesday as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made his first visit to a key ally China since his country launched its invasion of ukraine. Moscow’s top diplomat landed in the eastern city of Huangshan early Wednesday for a series of meetings … Read more

End of an era in Russia as sanctions hit and Western companies take off

CNN — When thousands of Russians lined up in Moscow’s bustling Pushkin Square on January 31, 1990 to enter the country’s first-ever McDonald’s branch, the moment represented a seismic cultural shift. The Iron Curtain, which had divided Eastern and Western Europe for decades, had only just come down. Now the fast food chain beloved by … Read more

Western nations scramble response after Putin orders troops into pro-Russian regions of eastern Ukraine

CNN — The threat of a full-scale war weighed heavy in Europe on Tuesday as the international community scrambled to finalize sanctions and further rounds of diplomacy following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to order troops into separatist-held parts of eastern Ukraine. Ukrainians have watched the situation unfold with a mixture of disbelief and fatalism, … Read more

Russia expels US embassy’s second-in-command in Moscow amid Ukraine tensions

Washington — The Russian government expelled the second highest-ranking American official from the US Embassy in Moscow, the State Department said, as President Biden warned that the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine remains “very high.” Bart Gorman, the US deputy chief of mission to Russia, was expelled from the Russian capital on Thursday, … Read more

Did Macron get the long table treatment because he refused a Russian COVID test?

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Moscow, Russia, February 7, 2022. Sputnik/Kremlin handout/REUTERS Paris — As French president Emmanuel Macron headed to Moscow last Monday to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, both French and Russian officials sounded upbeat. Both sides agreed on the need to deescalate the … Read more

Russian gamers race to prevent nuclear ‘war’

Story highlights Latest craze in Moscow is war game in which players race to find nuclear codes Russian officials are playing on fears, staging a mass nuclear drill CNN – “Attention! Attention! ” blares the Russian voice from a loudspeaker. “The nuclear bombs will be launched in one hour.” Inside a room styled as a … Read more