US and South Korea believe Kim Jong Un faked test launch of Hwasong-17 ICBM ‘monster missile’

Seoul — North Korea simulated the launch of what analysts dubbed its “monster missile” last week, the Seoul military said on Wednesday, adding that the test was, in reality, likely the same intercontinental ballistic missile that Pyongyang fired in 2017 North Korea last Friday claimed to have passed the shooting test a Hwasong-17 missile – … Read more

North Korea trial fires its biggest ICBM yet – and it could apparently reach the whole of the United States

Seoul, South Korea — North Korea said on Friday it had tested its largest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) under the orders of leader Kim Jong Un, who has pledged to expand the North’s “nuclear war deterrent” while preparing for a “long-standing confrontation “with the United States. The North Korean state media report came a day … Read more

North Korea tests what the South says could have been an ICBM

Seoul, South Korea – North Korea fired at least one suspected ballistic missile into the sea on Thursday, its neighbors’ militaries said, apparently extending its deluge of weapons testing this can now include an intercontinental ballistic missile flight. Reuters news service quotes South Korea’s Yonhap news agency as saying the Joint Chiefs of Staff in … Read more

Hopes of third Trump-Kim summit revived despite criticism from Pyongyang

CNN — Hopes for a third summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump appeared revived on Wednesday even after Pyongyang chastised Washington for “hostility” that was “viciously slandering” the country. North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of engaging in “extreme hostile acts” against their country, specifically … Read more

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un meets Xi Jinping in surprise visit to China

beijing CNN — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made his first trip abroad since taking power in 2011, meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing and discussing the country’s abandonment of nuclear weapons, according to state media. Chinese state. Kim, who made the surprise trip to the Chinese capital at Beijing’s request, said he … Read more

North Korean missile explodes shortly after test launch, South says

Seoul, South Korea – A North Korean missile fired from its capital region exploded shortly after liftoff in an apparently failed weapons launch on Wednesday, the South Korean military said, amid speculation the North is preparing to launch its longest-range missile in its biggest provocation in years. Details of the missile explosion were not immediately … Read more

North Korea’s launch attempt fails, South Korea says

North KoreaWednesday’s latest weapons launch apparently ended in failure, South Korea’s military said, amid speculation the North may soon launch its largest long-range missile in its most significant provocation For years. It was not immediately clear what North Korea launched on Wednesday morning or at what stage it had an apparent failure. But the launch, … Read more

US boosts missile defense readiness in response to North Korea’s ‘serious escalation’ with recent missile tests

US officials said Thursday that the Pentagon was stepping up its preparation in the Pacific in light of two North Korean missile tests over the past two weeks. North Korea has said the launches were to help develop satellites, but as CBS News Asia correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports, US intelligence agencies believe Kim Jong Un’s … Read more