From victory to retirement – Humble tennis champion Ash Barty does things her own way

ASH BARTY DONE no attempt to hide the outpouring of emotion after beating a forehand past Danielle Collins to clinch the Australian Open title in January. At the time, his gargantuan roar and the tears streaming down his cheeks seemed to be the by-product of the weight of an entire nation starving for Grand Slam … Read more

Tom Brady is back – Social media reacts to TB12 not retiring from NFL

8:25 p.m. ET ESPN staff Retirement? What retirement? On a day dominated by college basketball, Tom Brady shone the NFL spotlight with an unexpected tweet. TB12’s message began as follows: “Over the past two months, I have realized that my place is always on the pitch and not in the stands.” 1 Related The TL … Read more

Social media reacts to the news that Tom Brady plans to retire

They’ve always said you should never count out Touchdown Tom, so it’s hard to believe the time is finally here. After 22 seasons and a historic seven Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady officially announced his retirement Tuesday morning. 1 Related The 44-year-old quarterback ends a legendary … Read more