McDonald’s name to vanish from Russia as chain sells its business

McDonald’s is selling its Russian business — which includes 850 restaurants that employ 62,000 people — to existing licensee Alexander Gover, the fast-food chain announced Thursday. The deal comes days after McDonald’s said it would exit Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine in February. Gover is acquiring all of the company’s restaurants in Russia … Read more

‘There is no doubt that we are failing the people of Mariupol,’ says UN relief official

As Russian forces continue to besiege the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, the UN emergency relief chief offered a grim assessment of the situation on the ground: “We are without a doubt failing the people of Mariupol “, Martin Griffiths, under-secretary-said the general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator on Monday. “It’s a place … Read more

Russian missile attack on Lviv kills seven, says Ukraine

At least seven people were killed Monday in Russian airstrikes on the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, according to the regional governor. Maksym Kozytsky said four Russian strikes targeted military infrastructure, but a car tire factory was also hit. Lviv, which sits near the Ukraine-Poland border, is seen as a place of relative safety … Read more

Wounded, alone and destined for a Russian orphanage, a 12-year-old Ukrainian girl is recruited for Moscow’s information war

CNN — Before the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Kira Obedinsky was a cheerful and beloved 12-year-old girl. Now orphaned, injured and alone in a Russian-controlled hospital in eastern Ukraine, she has become an unwitting pawn in Moscow’s information war. Obedinsky’s mother died when she was a baby. His father Yevhen Obedinsky, a former … Read more

US Arms to Ukraine: Is It Enough?

From Javelin anti-tank missiles to body armor, the US military has shipped some ten million pounds of weapons and equipment to Ukraine. But is it enough? “We still don’t feel like we’re all-in to win,” said retired General Ben Hodges, former commander of US Army Europe. He says US support for Ukraine is simply too … Read more

Conflict in Ukraine could hurt global food supply, says World Food Program chief

As the war in Ukraine continues, those left behind continue to face food shortages. World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley was on the ground in Ukraine this week and told ‘Face the Nation’s Margaret Brennan that he was not sure he could keep food supply lines open. “There are places we can’t reach, like … Read more

Over 900 civilian bodies found in Kyiv region, many ‘simply executed’, police say

More than 900 civilian bodies were discovered in the area surrounding the Ukrainian capital following the withdrawal of Russian forces – most of them were shot and killed, police said on Friday, indicating that many people were “simply executed”. The conflicting figures emerged shortly after Russia’s Defense Ministry pledged to step up missile attacks on … Read more

After husband and daughter die, Ukrainian woman watches funeral on phone 300 miles away: ‘Tears won’t let me watch till the end’

Viktoria Kovalenko witnessed the death of her husband and eldest daughter when their car was hit by a shell in the north Ukraine. By the time her relatives had a proper funeral, she was about 300 miles away, only able to watch the funeral on cellphone video sent in by relatives. Even in the relative … Read more

Russia warns of new attacks on Kyiv after flagship Moskva warship sinks

The Russian Defense Ministry warned on Friday that Moscow would step up its missile attacks against UkraineRussia’s capital, kyiv, a day after Russia’s flagship military ship, the Moskva, sank in the Black Sea due to what Ukraine claimed was a Ukrainian missile strike. Russia said that symbolically important ship sank due to fire. Moscow said … Read more

Russia warns US against further arming Ukraine

Russia sent an official diplomatic note to the Biden administration warning the United States not to further arm Ukraine, two officials told CBS News. The memo, sent to the State Department, revealed Moscow’s irritation at President Biden’s decision to continue approving arms transfers as the conflict shifts to eastern Ukraine. He used the same kind … Read more