Macron versus Le Pen: the second round of the French presidential election explained

Paris CNN — It’s Macron against Le Pen, second round. The French presidential election will be a rematch of the 2017 contest, when far-right Marine Le Pen took on political newcomer Emmanuel Macron. Macron won this race by nearly two votes to one. But while the candidates remain the same, the 2022 race looks very … Read more

Some Belarusians want to fight the Russians in Ukraine. They also hope to free their country from the grip of Putin

CNN — In a wooded area on the Polish side of the Polish-Ukrainian border, men dressed in crisp, clean camouflage are given tourniquets. They kneel on the muddy ground and begin to learn basic survival training. They call themselves the Pohonia Battalion, a group of less than 30 Belarusian exiles living mostly in Poland and … Read more

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visits China and India under shadow of war in Ukraine

hong kong CNN — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is meeting his counterparts in China and India this week – two countries under pressure to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine as the death toll in the unprovoked conflict rises. Lavrov first met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday ahead of a scheduled flight to … Read more

A beekeeper, a bricklayer and a homeless man: the civilian victims of Putin’s invasion

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN — Beekeeper Dmitry Mulyar was tending to his hives outside his home in eastern kyiv when Russian bombardment hit Thursday morning. His older brother Andriy Mulyar, who roasts coffee for a living, was standing next to him when it happened. “A shell shot, from – so-called – liberators. I was by his … Read more

Deepfakes are now trying to turn the tide of war

CNN Business — During the third week of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky appeared in a video, wearing a dark green shirt, speaking slowly and deliberately while standing behind a white presidential podium emblazoned with his country’s coat of arms. . Except for his head, the Ukrainian president’s body barely moved as he spoke. … Read more

The Chechens are fighting in Ukraine. But are they more fashion than help for Vladimir Putin?

CNN — Footage of a firefight that surfaced on social media earlier this week appears to show an unusual group of fighters: apparent Chechen volunteers fighting alongside Ukraine against Russia. CNN has geotagged and verified the authenticity of the video, which shows an RPG gunner at work amid an intense firefight in the village of … Read more

Dmitry Medvedev At a Glance | CNN

CNN — Here is a glimpse into the life of former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Date of Birth: September 14, 1965 Place of birth: Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia) Birth name: Dmitry Anatolyvich Medvedev Dad: Anatoly Medvedev, professor Mother: Yulia Medvedeva, teacher and tourist guide Marriage: Svetlana (Linnik) Medvedeva (1989-present) Children: There are … Read more

End of an era in Russia as sanctions hit and Western companies take off

CNN — When thousands of Russians lined up in Moscow’s bustling Pushkin Square on January 31, 1990 to enter the country’s first-ever McDonald’s branch, the moment represented a seismic cultural shift. The Iron Curtain, which had divided Eastern and Western Europe for decades, had only just come down. Now the fast food chain beloved by … Read more

Two weeks of war exposed flaws in Putin’s master plan for Ukraine

CNN — Two weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s “precision strikes” have become much less precise and its ground forces are struggling to seize territory. On the eve of the offensive, some US officials predicted that Kyiv would fall within 48–72 hours of the start of hostilities. Yet Ukraine’s … Read more

Russia admits conscripts fought in Ukraine, despite Putin’s previous denials

CNN — The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that Russian military conscripts were involved in the invasion of Ukraine and some were taken prisoner by Ukrainian forces, just a day after President Vladimir Putin insisted that the conscripts were not part of the assault. The ministry admitted conscripts had been “discovered” in Ukraine, but claimed … Read more