The Biden administration prepares Abbott and DeSantis to send more migrants to Democratic cities

The official stressed that the White House fully expected – and continues to prepare – the possibility of a government. Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott sent more groups of migrants to various cities in the coming weeks, saying the governors had no reason to believe they were done with the maneuvers.
This comes as Delaware officials scrambled to make preparations earlier this week after reports and flight plans suggested a plane was preparing to take a group of migrants from Texas to President Joe Biden’s state. As of Thursday afternoon, the administration was not aware of any new flights of migrants bound for Delaware, the official said.

To provide assistance to cities particularly affected by the flood of migrants, administration officials said the Federal Emergency Management Agency now has a regional administrator dedicated specifically to assisting Chicago, New York City and Washington, DC.

One of the main issues these FEMA officials are helping to facilitate is reimbursing cities, as quickly as possible, for the cost of dealing with the influx of migrants. Meanwhile, officials from the White House, Department of Homeland Security and FEMA have also been in regular contact with city officials, the official added.

The White House acknowledges that the administration is facing a particularly difficult time, given threats by Republican governors to send migrants to some cities, as well as record numbers of people arriving at the US border.

Asked about the Biden administration’s ongoing coordination with cities affected by the influx of migrants, the White House said it was making a “full effort” to help migrants who were being used as “political pawns” by Republican governors.

“As we continue to work with our regional partners to manage the new migration challenge posed by the purely authoritarian regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, we are leading a comprehensive effort to support Governor DeSantis and cities that welcome people fleeing communism. Using Governor Abbott as a political pawn is working,” White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan said.

“For example, FEMA has staff to support each city, expediting reimbursement requests as they come in, mobilizing local service providers and nonprofits to help, and working with other federal agencies to identify additional resources. We’ll continue to do everything we can.” . Because Governor Abbott and Governor DeSantis are deliberately creating chaos and confusion so they can protect cities with their cruel political comments.”