The damaged plane made an emergency landing in Paraguay after severe weather

(CNN) – A LATAM Airlines plane was damaged en route from Santiago, Chile to Asuncion, Paraguay, and had to make an emergency landing at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport on Wednesday after experiencing “severe weather conditions along its flight path,” the airline told CNN. on Thursday

“Passengers and crew are safe and well,” the statement said, adding that the airline regrets “any inconvenience this weather situation may cause to passengers.”

CNN affiliate Telefuturo reported that 48 people were traveling on the flight.

The images obtained by the station show the damaged plane with a missing nose and a broken windshield.

Chile’s General Directorate of Civil Aviation announced in a statement on Thursday that Paraguayan aviation authorities have begun an investigation and a team of specialists from the Chilean entity “will be integrated on the ground to collaborate with this investigative process.”

CNN en Español reached out to Paraguay’s National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics on Thursday for more information, but has not yet received a response.

A scary flight for passengers

“A huge storm started near Asuncion and people were already panicking and then the pilot told us to prepare for an emergency landing,” passenger Pabla Thomen told a private radio station, Monumental AM 1080, on Thursday.

Thomen added that he got scared and hugged his daughter during the turbulence and at one point her seat belt came off. He was able to put the seat belt back on with the help of another passenger.

The woman also stated in the phone interview that at one point she was “saying goodbye to her daughter, that she loved her, that she adored her and that they would always be together.”

Image above: This LATAM plane landed in Paraguay with a damaged nose. (from Telefuturo)