The NBPA’s executive director is calling for a lifetime ban on Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver after PayPal threatens to end its sponsorship of the team.

Appearing Friday on ESPN’s The NBA with Malika Andrews, Tremaglio was asked to clarify his position on Thursday when he posted a Twitter thread saying Sarver should never have held an executive position.

Asked if it meant a lifetime ban for Sarver, Tremaglio agreed.

“We absolutely demand that,” Tremaglio said. “We don’t want to be in a position where we’re managing or dealing with our players or the people that our players are dealing with.

“We’re very clear from the findings in that report that we don’t want him in that position.”

On Tuesday, the NBA fined Sarver $10 million and announced he had suspended him for a year after an independent investigation found he engaged in hostile, racially insensitive and inappropriate behavior.

A report commissioned by the NBA last fall found that Sarver “engaged in conduct that clearly violated normal labor standards as reflected in team and League rules and policies. Such conduct included the use of racially insensitive language; the disparate treatment of female employees; sex-related statements and behavior; and harsh treatment of employees that sometimes amounts to harassment.”

Part of the finding states that Sarver “on at least five occasions while in the Suns/Mercury organization, repeated the N-word when recounting the statements of others.”

He also “engaged in instances of unfair behavior toward female employees, made many sex-related comments in the workplace, made inappropriate comments about the physical appearance of female employees and other women, and engaged in physically inappropriate behavior toward male employees on several occasions.”

When asked, Tremaglio said he was “speaking on behalf of our players.”

“It’s the desire of our players, while we understand that there’s been a thorough investigation and we’re very happy that the NBA was able to follow through on that, because clearly we want that to happen, we want to do it as well. we want to make it very clear to our players and our players in a position that will affect those who serve them every day.”

Also Friday, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said the global technology platform and digital payments company will not renew its sponsorship with the Suns if Sarver remains with the team.

“PayPal is a values-driven company and has a strong record of standing up against racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination,” Schulman said in a statement. “We have reviewed the report of the NBA’s independent investigation into Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and found his conduct unacceptable and in conflict with our values.”

In October 2018, Sunsek announced that PayPal would be the team’s first jersey patch partner.

“PayPal’s sponsorship with the Suns will expire at the end of the current season. In light of the findings of the NBA’s investigation, we will not renew our sponsorship should Robert Sarver remain involved with the Suns organization after serving his suspension.” continued the statement.

“While we strongly condemn Robert Sarver’s conduct, we continue to support the team, its players and the experienced and diverse talent now leading the organization, including head coach, Monty Williams, general manager, James Jones, general manager, Morgan Cato. , and Persona and Senior Vice President of Culture, Kim Corbitt.”

In an open letter to Phoenix Suns staff and players on Thursday, team vice president Jahm Najafi called for Sarver’s resignation, and NBA greats LeBron James and Chris Paul criticized the NBA for punishing the Suns owner.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver explained why Sarve was not banned for life for his comments.

Silver said, according to “The equivalent of a $10 million fine and a one-year suspension, I don’t know how to measure that with a job. I don’t have the right to take his team … but for me, the consequences are serious.”

CNN reached out to the Suns, but did not immediately respond.