The UK, France and Germany are demanding that the UN conduct an investigation into the Iranian drones used by Russia in Ukraine


The top diplomats of Britain, France and Germany wrote to the UN secretary-general on Friday asking the UN to investigate Iran’s transfer of drones to Russia, which it concluded violates a UN Security Council resolution restricting the transfer of certain weapons to or from Iran. to a letter reviewed by CNN.

“We would welcome an investigation by the UN Secretariat’s team responsible for the implementation of UNSCR 2231 and stand ready to support the work of the Secretariat in its technical and impartial investigation,” the diplomats wrote in a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres. .

UNSCR 2231 was linked to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, and elements of that resolution, including a ban on conventional arms transfers, were suspended in 2020. But the countries said both Iranian drone models were manufactured after the resolution took effect. and that the transfer “has not been previously authorized by the Security Council.”

The three countries would like a UN team to go to Ukraine to investigate the issue, a UN diplomat explained. Earlier this week, Russia’s ambassador to the UN said Russia would “re-evaluate” cooperation with Guterres if it sent a team of experts to Ukraine to inspect the drones.

Earlier this week, State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US has “overwhelming evidence” that Russia is using Iranian drones, specifically to target civilians and critical civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

Iran has denied supplying Russia with drones for use in Ukraine. The Kremlin has also denied using Iranian weapons.

In addition to sending the drones to Russia, the White House has said that the Iranian military has visited Crimea to support Russian weapons operations.

“The Iranian military was on the ground in Crimea and assisted in these operations,” National Security Council communications coordinator John Kirby said Thursday. “Russia has received dozens of UAVs so far and will likely continue to receive more shipments in the future.”

The diplomats — France’s permanent representative to the US, Germany’s permanent representative to the UN and the UK’s chief of mission to the British mission to the UN — cited “significant open-source evidence” of Iranian drones in Ukraine. They also asked the Secretary General to circulate the letter to the Security Council.

Earlier this week the EU and UK imposed sanctions on Iran’s drone manufacturers.