Travel to Hawaii during Covid-19: What you need to know before you go

Editor’s note – Cases of the coronavirus continue to rise. Health officials recommend delaying travel unless you are fully vaccinated and caught up on boosters. This article was last updated on September 22nd.

(CNN) – If you’re planning to travel to Hawaii, here’s what to know about Covid-19 and what to expect if you plan to visit.

the basics

Arriving US citizens and lawful permanent residents do not need to be fully integrated.

While the CDC still recommends everyone age 2 and older wear a well-fitting mask on public transportation, masks are no longer required on airplanes, trains, and other public transportation.

What is offered

Spectacular surf, sandy beaches, traditional Pacific culture and rugged volcanoes await visitors to Hawaii. Hawaii’s geographic location and proud history make it unlike anywhere else in the United States.

Who can go

Fully integrated travelers are now allowed to enter the United States, including Hawaii.

Americans are still allowed to travel to Hawaii, regardless of vaccination status.

What are the restrictions?

Hawaii in late March dropped its statewide mask mandate for indoor settings. The mandate ended the same day Hawaii’s Safe Travels program expired.

All inter-regional travel restrictions have been lifted, meaning no pre-travel testing or quarantine is required to travel between the Hawaiian Islands.

What is the Covid situation?

With about 343,00 cases and 1,680 deaths as of September 21st, Hawaii has had relatively low per capita Covid numbers compared to other US states. It maintained some of the strictest travel restrictions of any state during the pandemic.

What can visitors expect?

In December, restrictions on gatherings, restaurants, bars, gyms and other social establishments were lifted across the state. All restrictions imposed by the county have been removed.

On the island of Oahu, the Safe Access O’ahu program, which required proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter businesses such as restaurants, bars and gyms, ended March 5.

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With Covid-19 regulations a thing of the past, Hawaii is poised to be a top destination for the remainder of 2022 thanks to a host of new offerings.

Forrest Brown, Marnie Hunter, Joe Minihane, Julia Buckley and Jenn Selva contributed to this report