Trevor Noah: Trump is America’s relentless ex

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Donald Trump held a rally in Texas on Sunday, where he said he would consider forgiving those involved in the Capitol uprising if re-elected president. On Monday’s “Daily Show”, Trevor Noah called Trump “the greatest scammer of all time,” noting that he did not forgive the people involved while he was still in office and instead left them prosecuted.

“But this is the Bengals’ first Super Bowl appearance since the 1980s. Many things have changed since then: inflation was high at the time, there was tension with Russia and our president was about 70 years old. ” – JIMMY FALLON

“And it’s crazy, the Super Bowl will be played in Los Angeles at the Rams’ home stadium. That’s right, even NFL players work from home. “ – JIMMY FALLON

“That’s right, we’re two weeks away from the game and the experts are wondering, if a Super Bowl doesn’t have Tom Brady, can it still be called the Super Bowl?” – JIMMY FALLON

Jimmy Fallon has given two puppies the task of predicting which team will win the Super Bowl.

David Letterman will celebrate 40 years of “Late Night” with Seth Meyers on Tuesday.

The new documentary series on Janet Jackson has offered more insight into the private pop star, but still doesn’t dig too deep.