Trump avoids testifying at Friday’s hearing because of hurricanes at Mar-a-Lago


There’s Donald Trump to deal with Hurricane Ian at his beach club in Florida: Mar-a-Lago on Friday as a defendant in a class-action lawsuit against him.

Lawyers who challenged the revelation made the disclosure in letters filed in court Wednesday. They are trying to impeach the former president in an ongoing case that accuses him, his grown children and the Trump Organization of fraud and embezzlement, alleging they promoted fraudulent businesses.

John Quinn, one of the lawyers representing a group of people suing Trump, told a federal judge on Wednesday that Trump refused to withdraw his statement from Palm Beach, even as the hurricane approached. Quinn and his team did not want to fly to Florida this week given the severity of the storm, and said the Trump side would not take the deposition to Bedminster, New Jersey, where Trump owns a golf club.

The court set a Friday deadline for lawyers to question Trump and others under oath.

But Trump’s attorneys responded in court Wednesday night that they went to Palm Beach this week as Trump prepared to testify. And, if Quinn’s team had requested it, they said they would have rescheduled the appearance.

Trump’s lawyer, Clifford Robert, called Quinn on Tuesday, Quinn wrote in a letter to federal court in Manhattan, “to say that he and his colleague were getting on a flight to Palm Beach. I expressed some surprise — I think I used the word ‘walled off’ — but Mr. Robert pointed out that they were flying anyway.

“We have contacted Mr Robert and his colleague this afternoon by phone and email but have been unable to contact them,” Quinn told the court. “As a result, the last we’ve heard is that the defendants are asking for the claim to go forward on Mar-a-Lago and Friday. With all due respect, we don’t think that’s prudent or safe.’

Quinn included in his letter a radar image showing the intensity of Hurricane Ian. As of Wednesday night, Ian had weakened to a Category 2 hurricane hours after it slammed into southwest Florida, but officials continued to warn people to stay indoors as they said the worst of the storm could be on the way.

Trump’s team returned to court hours later on Wednesday saying Quinn was misrepresenting what happened.

Robert wrote that he checked to see if it was Friday at Mar-a-Lago yet, and Quinn said yes.

“President Trump is ready, willing, ready and able to continue his statement on Friday,” Trump’s lawyer told the judge.

“Now that we have all traveled to West Palm Beach and are currently sitting in the middle of a hurricane, while the plaintiffs’ attorney is enjoying the comforts of home, the plaintiffs are at fault. The defendants spent a lot of time and resources preparing. It will be canceled before the scheduled date and time 48 less than an hour before

Robert also accused the lawyers suing Trump of trying to make people think Trump is unreasonable.

Magistrate Judge Sarah Cave of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York extended Quinn’s team’s questioning of Trump overnight Tuesday, saying she did so “out of concern for the safety of the parties.” Any other participant necessary for the deposition.”

The deadline to impeach Trump is October 31st.

The lawsuit, filed in 2018, alleges that Trump and his three children used his reality TV show “The Celebrity Apprentice” and other promotional events to raise money for endorsing multi-level marketing schemes and other fraudulent businesses. . The lawsuit alleges that they ripped off investors with no business experience, largely because they were persuaded by Trump’s promotions.

Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. They were also on the list of people Quinn’s team could take down, and had previously agreed to sit down for interviews.