Trump has announced a Florida reunion with Rubio, but not DeSantis


At a rally in Miami announced by former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will be prominently featured, but not Gov. Ron DeSantis, even though he is currently running for office in the state.

The rally comes as the relationship between Trump and DeSantis, once allies, has become estranged ahead of a possible 2024 presidential bid.

As Trump has focused on his political future, two people who have spoken with him recently told CNN that the former president has complained about the Florida governor and expressed displeasure with Trump, who he believes is responsible for DeSantis’ success in 2018. .

Trump is also upset that DeSantis didn’t say he wouldn’t run in 2024 if the former president entered the race, a source said. During Monday’s debate, DeSantis declined to serve four full years as governor.

While the Trump team said it did not notify DeSantis of the Nov. 6 rally in advance, a source close to Trump dismissed the incident in the governor’s backyard as unsavory and said it was the result of a conversation with Rubio. .

DeSantis is considered to be Trump’s most formidable challenger should the two run for president in 2024.

As CNN previously reported, Trump, who has made recent campaign stops in Nevada, Ohio, Arizona and Michigan, is accelerating plans for another presidential campaign because he believes Republicans are on the verge of making significant gains in next month’s election. that many handpicked candidates will prevail.

Behind the scenes, he has spent the final weeks of the 2022 cycle preparing his political operation for another presidential campaign, including gathering his campaign leadership, finding plans for his remaining midterm rallies and looking for a place to launch his supposed political comeback. . His lawyers have also been seeking solutions to some of his legal problems – notably the Justice Department’s investigation into government records he kept after he left office – to free up time to focus on his political future.

The Florida governor, meanwhile, currently has a comfortable lead in the gubernatorial race against Democrat Charlie Crist and has nearly $100 million left in the bank before Election Day.