Trump says he declassified the Mar-a-Lago documents, but his lawyers avoid making that claim.

Hewitt was asked about an account by former White House aide Kash Patel that Trump had given a verbal order to declassify documents taken to Mar-a-Lago that Patel had seen. (Patel, in an interview with Breitbart, said the materials Trump declassified were related to the Russia probe, Ukraine impeachment proceedings and “major national security issues of high public importance.”)

“That’s it,” Trump said. “And not only that, I think there were other people as well. But I have the absolute right to declassify, absolute; a president has that absolute right, and many people don’t question that.”

Trump later added in the interview that “everything was declassified.”

In a court filing earlier this week, the Justice Department discussed the lack of confirmation from Trump’s legal team in court, and argued to the judge that even if the materials were declassified, they would be irrelevant. the legal issue surrounding the search.

Trump’s lawyers have sought to challenge whether more than 100 documents with classification marks seized by the FBI last month are classified. But his lawyers have not publicly said Trump declassified the materials.

Trump, the Justice Department said in a court filing on Tuesday, “mainly wants to raise questions about the classification status of the records and their categorization under the Presidential Records Act (PRA). But the plaintiff has not presented the truth, let alone the evidence. — Any intercepted records containing classification marks have been declassified.”

None of the criminal statutes cited by the Justice Department in seeking the warrant it used to search Trump’s home were included in the classified documents.

Eighteen former Trump administration officials also told CNN last month that there were no declassification orders and that they believed Trump’s claims were completely false.

In a radio interview Thursday, Trump said he did not believe he would be indicted. Asked if he had received a target letter regarding the DOJ’s investigation into voter fraud, Trump said he had not, nor had he been asked to appear before a grand jury.

“I was not involved with the fictitious coins,” Trump said. That claim was contradicted by testimony in the Jan. 6 House investigation, in which RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel testified that Trump called as part of an effort to use fake elected officials to support him.