US midterm elections and early voting news

Herschel Walker held a rally with supporters on the campaign trail in Newnan, Georgia on Friday. Dustin Chambers/Reuters

In his closing argument, Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker told them on Friday that he is in a “spiritual battle” but that he is ready as Election Day approaches.

At a rally on a sunny morning in Newnan, Georgia, Walker stuck to his campaign basics throughout his speech, starting with a personal biography of growing up in Wrightsville, explaining a childhood impediment to speaking and discussing his faith.

Walker again worked to tie his opponent, Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, to President Joe Biden.

“You heard our president, he’s going to say the other day that the biggest threat to democracy is to vote for someone in the Republican Party. This man is very confused, isn’t he? He’s confused because he’s the biggest threat to democracy. Being in the White House. The biggest threat to democracy Senator Warnock against the Keystone Pipeline four times is to vote. That means we gave all our energy to our enemies, and they don’t know the definition of enemies, right? ?” Walker said.

Senoia resident Cyndi Flanagan said she was attending the rally to support Walker.

“Everybody has an ex in their life, and that’s their past and we’re looking for a future, and Warnock doesn’t support our future. Herschel Walker does,” Flanagan said of the allegations that Walker paid for abortions by past partners despite his . tough stance on the issue.

Voter Joe Stancil added, “Sure, he’s done a lot of questionable things in the past — we all have a past.”

Dot Moody of Newnan said she is motivated to vote for Walker “because I want normalcy again.”

“In 2 years, our lives have changed and I want things the way they were. I want to undo what Biden has done from day one,” he said.

Silvia Tubbs said she will vote for Walker because of concerns about crime and inflation.

“I got to the supermarket, [spend] $100, and I’m like, ‘What did I buy?'” said Tubbs, who described himself as an independent voter concerned with God, family and country.

“Biden’s agenda has brought this country down,” he said, pointing to the ground. “Our children, I’m very worried about what they’re going to learn in school. They’re going to tell my little granddaughter, ‘Maybe you’re a boy, maybe you’re a girl,'” she said. “To me, that’s absolutely incredible.”

Small business owner Nina Blackwelder said she was excited to support Walker because of his stance on economic policy. Blackwelder owns Triple Barreled Outfitters, a gun shop in Peachtree City.

“We’ve been through some downturns in the current economy, so we’re excited to see what opportunities there are in Republican leadership and see if there’s an opportunity to turn some things around and others,” said Blackwelder, who is running for the nomination. local office in 2019.