Vinicius Jr: Real Madrid star slams ‘racist’ criticism of dancing goal celebrations


Vinicius Jr. The Real Madrid star has condemned what he has called racist criticism for his dancing goal celebrations.

Appearing on Spanish television on Friday, Pedro Bravo – the main player and president of the Spanish Agents’ Association – compared Vinicius Jr.’s dancing celebrations to the behavior of a monkey, saying the striker did not respect his opponents and “should stop playing”. the monkey”.

“When you score against an opponent, if you want to dance the samba, you go to the sambodrome in Brazil, what you have to do here is respect your colleagues and stop monkeying around,” he said.

Bravo was accused by many of using racist language on social media and has been doing so ever since he apologized on Twitterexplaining that he had misused a metaphor.

But in a video posted on Vinicius Jr’s social media on September 16, the Brazil international responded to the criticism and said he would not stop dancing.

“‘As long as the color of the skin is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will be war’.” I have this phrase tattooed on my body,” Vinicius Jr said in his Instagram post.

“This thought is forever in my mind. This is the attitude and philosophy I try to practice in my life. They say that happiness disturbs him. The happiness of a successful black Brazilian in Europe disturbs much more!

“But my desire to win, my smile and the sparkle in my eyes are greater than all this. You can’t even imagine. I was a victim of xenophobia and racism in one statement. But this didn’t start yesterday.”

The 22-year-old named other players who danced in celebration after scoring. He added: “A week ago, my dances started to be criminalized. Dances that are not mine. Ronaldinho, Neymar, (Lucas) Paquetá, (Antoine) Griezmann, João Félix, Matheus Cunha… They belong to Brazilian Funk and Samba artists, reggaeton singers and Black Americans.

“They are dances to celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. Accept it, respect it. I won’t stop.

“The script always ends with an apology and a ‘I’ve been misunderstood’, but I’ll repeat it to you, racist: I won’t stop dancing.” Whether it’s at the Sambadrome, the Bernabeu or anywhere.”

Bravo said in his apology on Twitter: “I want to clarify that the expression ‘playing with the monkey’ that I misused to describe Vinicius’ goal celebration dance was being used metaphorically (“making a fool”), as my intention was not to offend. To anyone, I apologize. , sorry”.

Neither the Spanish Agents Association nor Atresmeida, the broadcaster of the program on which Bravo made his comments, did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

The agent’s comments came after Atletico Madrid player Koke Resurrección warned Vinicius not to dance if he scored in Sunday’s Madrid derby.

Before that game, Diego Simeone, the leader of Atletico, said: “We live in a society where we all participate. We are people and this is the society we have.”

Vinicius celebrates after scoring Real Madrid's second goal against Mallorca.

The Brazilian national team has offered its support to Vinicius Jr. “Dancing, dribbling, but above all (there will be) respect,” he wrote. Twitter, Accompanied by a video of Vinicius Jr and his international teammates, Neymar and Lucas Paquetá, dancing after a goal.

“Our athlete (Vinicius Jr) was the target of racist remarks this Thursday night (15). The CBF stands strong and stands in solidarity with #BailaViniJr”.

Real Madrid, whose Vinicius Jr has had an excellent start to the season with five goals in eight games, said in a statement that the club would take “legal action against anyone who makes racist remarks towards our players”.

Vinicius Jr. explained that he has been working to better educate future generations about such issues.

“I come from a country where poverty is very high, where people do not have access to education, and in many cases, where they do not have food on the table,” he said.

“On and off the field, I have developed an application to support the education of children in public schools without any financial support from anyone. I am building a school in my name. I will do much more for education. I want the next generation to be prepared, like me, to fight against racists and xenophobes.

“I always try to be an exemplary professional and citizen. But this doesn’t get ‘clicks’, it’s not a trend on the Internet, nor does it motivate cowards to talk aggressively about people who don’t.”