What time is the Queen’s state funeral? Will shops and schools be closed? And some other questions

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National mourning for Queen Elizabeth II is underway in the UK. His state funeral will continue until the end of the day.

Before that, his coffin will be on display in Edinburgh, and then in London for the public to pay their respects.

When is the Queen’s funeral?

The funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey – the historic church where Britain’s kings and queens are crowned.

How can I watch the funeral?

It will be broadcast on BBC TV and available to stream on BBC iPlayer, with updates throughout the day on the BBC news website and on BBC radio.

The event will also be broadcast by other networks and will be shown on big screens in various towns and cities across the UK.

What is a state funeral?

In rare cases, a state funeral can also be held for “other exceptional persons”. These included Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and Lord Palmerston.

Ceremonial funerals share many elements of state funerals.

These were made for Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997 and for the Queen Mother in 2002. Baroness Thatcher had a ceremonial funeral with full military honors at St Paul’s Cathedral in 2013.

Who will go to the funeral?

Leaders and royalty from around the world will join members of the UK’s Royal Family.

The guest list has not yet been released, but US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern are among those confirmed to attend so far.

What does lying in state mean?

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The Queen Mother was the last person to lie in state, in 2002

The session starts on Wednesday at 17:00 at Westminster Hall in London. It will last until 06:30 on Monday.

According to the forecasts, hundreds of thousands of people will be able to pass. Those who want to participate should expect to stand in line for many hours, with few opportunities to sit, as the line will constantly move.

What is vigil?

Caring for a coffin is sometimes called a vigil.

On Monday evening, King Charles held a vigil at St Giles Cathedral with his siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

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Queen Elizabeth’s children held a vigil at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh

As the Queen lies in state in Westminster Hall, each corner of the platform on which her coffin rests will be guarded around the clock by a vigil of soldiers. These will be drawn from the Sovereign’s Bodyguard, Household Division and Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London units.

Where will the Queen be buried?

The final journey of the Queen’s coffin will be to St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

There will be a commitment service with a small congregation including the Royal Family, which will also be televised. This coffin will be lowered into the Royal Chamber.

Later in the day, in a private service, the casket will be buried in the memorial chapel of King George VI, inside the chapel of St. George.

Will there be a holiday?

yes One of King Charles III’s first acts as monarch was to approve a national bank holiday on the day of the Queen’s state funeral.

Will schools, shops and businesses close?

Schools will not be open on the day of the funeral.

They have also given permission to close the doctor’s office. It has been reported that some hospitals in England and other parts of the United Kingdom have canceled the usual treatments to be carried out even on the day of the funeral.

However, NHS bosses have been told to ensure patients can access out-of-hours emergency care on the same day.

Most businesses and many shops will also be closed, as is the case on other public holidays.

However, the right to holiday leave is not automatic. The government says it encourages “employers to respond sensibly to requests from employees who wish to take time off”.

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Will the events be cancelled?

There is no obligation to cancel or postpone events during the period of national mourning.

However, government guidelines state that if sporting activities or events are scheduled for the day of the funeral, organizations may wish to adjust their schedules.

Three Premier League games have been postponed this weekend ahead of the funeral, but other football matches are resuming after a break last weekend.

When is the coronation?

No coronation date has yet been set, which is when King Charles will be formally crowned.

The event is unlikely to take place immediately due to the planning required. Queen Elizabeth succeeded to the throne in February 1952, but was not crowned until June 1953.

It will be decided closer to the time whether the coronation day will be a public holiday or not.

Will the money change?

The Royal Mint will not say how or when it will begin issuing coins bearing the head of King Charles III.

Bank notes with the Queen lit will also be phased out, but all notes and coins will remain legal tender.

The Bank of England will be much more forthcoming if this changes.

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