Why the midterms will be great for Donald Trump

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With less than two weeks to go before the midterm elections in November, all signs are pointing to a powerful Republican in the House and possibly the Senate that would cause a shift in party control.

That’s it very good news for Donald Trump.

While Trump’s presence in the 2022 campaign has been uneven — he’s endorsed and held rallies for all manner of GOP candidates, and recently started running ads on their behalf through a super PAC — you can be sure things are going well. go well for the Republicans in 13 days, the former president will be in the front line to take credit.

As CNN’s Gabby Orr reported in a recent story about Trump and his 2024 machinations:

“[A]s Trump considers using a potential red tide to launch his presidential campaign, some Republicans say he will claim more credit than he is due.

That makes perfect sense, because that’s what Trump does.

He has repeatedly proclaimed that any candidate from Ohio’s JD Vance to Florida’s Ron DeSantis is a “do”. And he often brags about the candidates he supported to win the primaries.

So you can imagine what Trump would do with a red wave – or anything close to it – sweeping the country on November 8th. it could come shortly after.

And the fact is, there will be no one within the GOP willing to question Trump’s credit claims. Because he is the loudest voice in the room and the most popular person at the party.

point: A Republican win on Nov. 8 would work to Trump’s political advantage, whether or not he deserves as much credit as he’ll undoubtedly take.