‘Yellowstone’ cast members to join special Ride to the Polls


Two “Yellowstone” actors are joining other celebrities on horseback for a good cause.

Piper Perabo and Mo Brings Plenty will join Loren Anthony (“Dexter: New Blood”), Ryan Begay (“Breaking Bad”) and Nicole Kang (“Batwoman”) to raise voter awareness as part of the Ride to the Polls. An effort led by the organizations Harness and Protect the Sacred.

The Solidarity Trail Ride will take place on October 15th in Monument Valley, Arizona.

“It is critical in our country to shift the national narrative to focus on the rights and voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities,” America Ferrera, who co-founded Harness with Ryan Piers Williams and Wilmer Valderrama, said in an email to CNN. the conversation “We must all do what we can to increase the participation of these voters, especially those living in rural and disenfranchised communities. With so many systems of our democracy under attack, Harness is committed to helping protect the right to vote for all Americans, and using the strengths we know for this, through stories and culturally competent organization on the ground.”

The event is an expansion of an effort started by Allie Young, organizer of Ride to the Polls and founder of Protect the Sacred.

Two years ago, Young joined Navajo Nation leaders on a 20-mile horseback ride to the polls to lead Diné voters, an ode to their ancestors, who walked for hours to cast their ballots.

“I launched Ride to the Polls in 2020 to reach young people in my community who weren’t motivated to vote for good causes,” he told CNN. “I don’t think it’s the local community that feels that way. I think BIPOC communities across the country, disenfranchised communities, are no longer sure what to trust. I think there’s a lot of people who generally feel very tired of the out-of-vote type of message.”

Citizens of the Navajo Nation go to vote.

The feedback he received in 2020, Young said, reflected a general disappointment “in a system that wasn’t designed for us.”

“And (I was) like, ‘I’m right there with you.’ But when we participate, our vote is powerful,” she said.

It was done with the desire of Young and Harness to do more Ride to the Polls events.

“Our ancestors – in the indigenous community, in the black community, in the Latino community – we all come from these histories where our ancestors had to fight for our existence,” Young said. “That’s the message I want to spread as we expand: our power and our resilience. When we come together as a community and rise up to see how strong we really are.’

Another midterm election event will be held in San Antonio and will be called Quince to the Polls. On October 29, young women celebrating Quinceañeras will use the celebration as an opportunity to encourage their families and communities to participate in early voting and on Election Day. The Skate to the Polls event was held in August.

Saturday’s event in Arizona will conclude at The View Hotel, and will include a panel discussion on voting, as well as information on polling places, food and music.